Jiangmen hardware accessories factory analyzes its hardware molds according to the combination of processes, which are divided into?

2019-12-29 09:00:22

  Life often see mold, then hardware mold according to the combination of processes, which can be divided into several?

  1. Single process module

  In one stroke of the press, only one stamping process is completed.

  2. Compound module

  There is only one working position. In one stroke of the press, two or more stamping processes are completed on the same working position hardware mold at the same time.

  3. Progressive die (also called continuous die)

  In the feeding direction of the blank, there are two or more stations. In one stroke of the press, two or more stamping processes are completed in different stations one by one. Continuous die (progressive die), press in a stamping stroke, using strip stamping raw materials, in a pair of die with several different stations at the same time to complete multiple stamping process of cold stamping die, die every time the completion of a stamping, the strip fixed distance movement once, until the completion of the product. In the process of continuous die stamping, the material strip always moves in one direction; the progressive die moves in two or more directions after the material strip inside the die is cut off; the automatic continuous die completes the material strip feeding inside the die; the mechanical hand or other automatic facilities of stamping die with different processes are used in a stamping production chain to complete the work piece by using the die or part movement Stamping rated die is called multi position die.

  Finally, let's popularize one of the key parts in the mold accessories - mold spring.

  Mold spring includes: Japanese standard mold spring, German standard mold spring, spring, polyurethane spring, usually mold spring refers to rectangular mold spring. Die spring is widely used in stamping die, metal die-casting die, plastic mold and other elastic motion precision mechanical equipment, automobile and other fields. The die spring is generally made of chromium alloy steel. Chromium alloy spring steel has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high rigidity and long service life. The rectangular die spring has the characteristics of small volume, good elasticity, large rigidity, high precision, rectangular material, color separation spraying (plating) on the surface to distinguish different loads, beautiful appearance, etc.

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