How to solve the problem that the motorcycle instrument is scratched

2019-12-29 08:59:12

  The best way to deal with the scratches on the instrument panel:

  Stick up the instrument panel with a film that is large and small enough.

  1. Remove the screw buckle on the instrument panel structure.

  2. Pry off both sides with a screwdriver.

  3. Take out the dashboard frame.

  4. In order to facilitate the construction, the instrument is also taken off and can be made on it, which is not very convenient.

  5. Take out the dashboard.

  6. Because the instrument panel is uneven, the whole process is finished by hand. Use your fingers to post and reset the instrument panel bit by bit. After pasting, you don't need to worry about these traces. They will disappear in a few days, but there is too much dust, which will become a small bubble if left inside. Replace the instrument cluster.

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