What are the common types of motorcycle instruments for Jiangmen Motorcycle accessories

2019-12-29 08:58:03

  The appearance commonly used in motorcycle repair mainly includes multimeter, cylinder pressure gauge, burning timing gun, etc.

  (1) Multimeter

  The multimeter is used for the function test of motorcycle electrical equipment. There are many types of multimeter, mainly pointer multimeter and digital multimeter.

  ① Pointer multimeter. The pointer multimeter is a multi-functional measurement surface with the meter head as the core component, and the measurement value is read by the indicator of the meter head.

  The common pointer multimeter mainly includes 500 type, mf47 type, mf64 type, mf50 type, mf15 type and so on. Although they have different functions, their structure and principle are basically the same. In appearance, they are generally composed of shell, meter, dial, mechanical zero adjustment screw, resistance zero adjustment potentiometer, transfer switch, special socket, probe and socket.

  ② Digital multimeter. Digital multimeter has the advantages of high input impedance, small error and intuitive reading, but its disadvantage is slow display. It is generally used to measure the constant current value and voltage value, as shown in figure 1-78. Because the digital multimeter has a buzzer, it is convenient to measure the on-off circuit.

  The digital multimeter is a kind of portable rectifier system with high sensitivity and multiple measurement limits. It can measure DC voltage, communication voltage, injection pulse width, diode discrimination, resistance, current, frequency, speed, closure angle, percentage, fault code, etc.

  (2) Cylinder pressure gauge

  Cylinder pressure gauge is used to measure the gas pressure at the end of cylinder contraction, and its main component is pressure gauge. According to the structure and use, it can be divided into two types: gasoline engine pressure gauge and diesel engine pressure gauge. Motorcycle engines are all gasoline engines, so we should use gasoline engine pressure gauge to measure cylinder pressure.

  The pressure gauge of gasoline engine is shown in figure 1-79. The conical rubber sleeve is used to plug the spark plug hole. A one-way valve is installed in the valve plug, so that the gas can only enter the pressure gauge from the cylinder without leaking back to the cylinder. The air release valve is used to release the compressed air entering the pressure gauge, so that the gauge needle returns to zero. The range of the cylinder pressure gauge of gasoline engine is generally 0-2mpa.

  (3) Burn timing gun

  The burning timing gun is used to detect or adjust the burning timing, which is a kind of snooping lamp. The burning timing gun is mainly composed of induction head, power clamp, connecting wire, internal circuit and lighting lamp, as shown in Figure 1-80. The sensor head is used to collect the information of incineration time and is generally clamped on the incineration high-pressure line. At the moment of each incineration, there is a high-voltage current flowing through the high-voltage line. The high-voltage current pulse (i.e. incineration discharge current) on the incineration high-voltage line forms a pulse magnetic field in the surrounding space. The induction head senses a weak pulse signal through its internal induction coil. The signal is transmitted to the interior of the incineration timing gun through the lead wire, and then it is reshaped and expanded by the circuit, and then one touch generation is encouraged The road control light is on.

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