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2019-12-29 08:56:42

  With the improvement of rural roads, motorcycles have completed the transformation from east to west to entertainment props. Riders and bent beam motorcycles have been declining for a long time. Pedal motorcycles are becoming a fashion. As for most people who play with cars, whether it's electric or oil motorcycle, a general pedal motorcycle is useless. The obvious cool shape, dynamic and loud music, the roar after fast moving, and the high explosive driver are the images left to the world by refitting scooters. It can be imagined that in recent years, pedal motorcycle refitting has become another gold pot of motorcycle refitting terminal market, especially the repair terminal. When the owners of the car are happy after refitting, the store owners are also happy with the profits brought by refitting the car! There is such a "hidden worry" on the other side. Then, how can we safely refit with the least investment?

  Nowadays, there are many worries in the refitting market, and the huge profits often mean disorder. The refitting car is not just a big point of equipment, a cylinder or a battery. On the contrary of the increasing popularity of the refitting business of scooters, what worries are there after all?

  Secret worry 1: the refitting master didn't have regular practice

  Now, most of the shops engaged in pedal motorcycle refitting have evolved from motorcycle repair shops. Most of the refitting masters are from the background of car repair and have not passed the formal practice. More practice makes perfect, and then an apprentice will gradually be able to make modifications. "

  Hidden worry II: the source of the used accessories is unknown

  In addition to not through the practice, the vast majority of domestic motorcycle refitting shop parts are not so reassuring! In some repair shops, a row of rough shelves are placed with different types of electric vehicle parts. The owner of the repair shop indicated that these parts are used to refit motorcycles, and the parts with packing boxes are more expensive than those without packing boxes. "It's useless for the packed ones to come in from the manufacturer, so it's more expensive. These unpacked ones are unloaded from other cars, but they are all good." The boss explained.

  A refitting master came to the shelves full of accessories in the house and took a part without a packing box and pressed it on a scooter. When he found that it didn't work, he took another accessory device.

  Worry 3: the speed is too fast, the line can't be braked, and it's easy to spontaneous combustion

  No professional modification, no formal accessories, such a car can make people feel at ease? It is understood that general motor vehicles encounter sudden braking at normal speed, which will also produce a braking interval of about 20 meters. If the speed is too fast in an emergency, it can't stop at all, and then constitutes a traffic accident, and even if it stops, it's easy to throw the driver out because of the huge inertia.

  In addition, some pedal motorcycles can't bear the power of battery after refitting, and then lead to heat and self ignition.

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