Jiangmen hardware accessories factory analyzes the functions of its hardware accessories

2019-12-29 08:55:19

  1. Physical function

  The most basic function is to resist wind pressure, which is the most fundamental judgment of the quality of doors and windows, and the influence of hardware accessories on this function is decisive. Other physical functions of doors and windows are closely matched with hardware fittings. Hardware accessories provide the door and window with the opportunity of sealing, so that the door and window have a better quality assurance. The mechanical function of doors and windows also depends on hardware accessories.

  2. Lightweight components

  As for the energy consumption of the whole construction, doors and windows account for more than half of the total energy consumption, so in order to save the energy consumption of the whole construction, the energy saving of doors and windows is the most important issue to be considered. What does energy saving of doors and windows refer to in detail? It is mainly the thermal insulation and insulation of doors and windows. If there is no coordination of hardware fittings on the door and window, the whole door and window can not achieve energy saving.

  3. Guard against theft

  As for the family, the most important function of installing doors and windows is to avoid the theft of their own things, so anti-theft is the most concern of the owners. Now, the cooperation of hardware accessories is more and more strict. Even intelligent anti-theft doors and windows have appeared in the market, which shows that hardware accessories also play a crucial role in anti-theft.

  4, structure

  There are many kinds of window types and structures of doors and windows, so the realization of various window functions also depends on the cooperation of hardware accessories. If do not have hardware fittings, the function that opens lower suspension window horizontally cannot have push-pull fold. Inside to push and pull, movable blinds, etc. are all supported by hardware accessories.

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