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2019-12-29 08:50:17

  we all know that furniture is made of board, hardware and other materials, but the seemingly inconspicuous hardware accessories in our life have an unexpected role. It is clear that choosing a good accessory plays a role in the whole wood customized products, so the selection of the whole wood customized products hardware accessories is very important, but many of them People don't pay much attention to this. Today, let's take a look at the details of the hardware accessories required by the whole wood customization when purchasing?

  Hardware accessories are closely related to the stability of the whole wood customized products. Steel ball slide rail, furniture hinge, wheel, three in one connector, laminate bracket, handle, chair leg and other terms that we seem not unfamiliar with are actually our hardware accessories, which are important members in the assembly process of the whole wood customized products.

  The choice of hardware is not only a connection, we should also choose hardware accessories according to the style and color of home decoration. The hardware began to become elegant, and gradually pay attention to the beauty. The exquisite and delicate hardware accessories slowly revealed its strong and practical functions. People's living standard trekking, all said that the whole quality of hardware accessories multi household has an important impact, along with the continuous trekking of customer demand, put forward more demand and higher requirements for hardware accessories.

  The function of different hardware is also very different. Now, the promotion of hardware can achieve silence, buffer, pressure resistance, etc. in the eyes of customers, multi-functional hardware is not only a part, but also the dominant position it occupies. We should pay attention to its functionality when choosing.

  When choosing hardware accessories, we can investigate the raw materials. The main raw materials of hardware products include: copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, etc. Equal brand, the best raw material of course is copper, followed by stainless steel (there are many kinds of stainless steel, as long as 304 can be called real stainless steel). When determining the raw material, the magnet can often determine whether it is iron. If the magnet can be absorbed, the risk of rust is clarified.

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